Thursday, March 24, 2016

Titah Sultan Yang Belum Terlaksana.....

Replace the Causeway - Sultan
Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has urged stakeholders to consider replacing the Johor Causeway with a bridge in a bid to improve traffic flow between the state and their neighbour, Singapore.

The Sultan of Johor said he felt sorry for the “thousands of Malaysians and Singaporeans” who were stuck in traffic at the Causeway daily due to the congestion.

The situation, he noted, was worse during holidays and festive seasons, resulting in many commuters preferring instead to walk into Singapore daily rather than endure the traffic.

“I am sure if you work with Singapore, they will accept (the proposal) as it will be a win-win situation for both countries, but you will have to give a good reason to replace the Causeway,” English daily The Star quoted the Sultan as saying.

Apart from the worsening traffic situation along the Causeway, the Sultan talked about a variety of other issues affecting his state and said both Malaysia and Singapore should put aside their differences and “come up with solutions to improve mobility.”

He spoke of the need for the rapid transit system (RTS) from Singapore to Johor Baru to improve connectivity and urged the Malaysian Immigration Department to keep booths open at all times.

Touching on education, a subject close to his heart, the Sultan called for more international schools to be opened in his state so more Malaysians could study locally.

He said this in response to reports that Malaysians were travelling across the Causeway for “better education”, and added that it was both “worrying and alarming” that these days, a child’s father spoke better English than his own children.

On the issue of the rapid development in the state, Sultan Ibrahim said Johor needed better infrastructure projects to cope and cited Pontian where he felt an airport and seaport should be constructed.

Planning of such projects, he added, should be done carefully and “without those with political agendas” participating in the projects. - justread

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