Sunday, October 24, 2010

Betulkah Lelaki Nakal Ghairahkan Wanita?

People want to feel true friends death will spark controversy in this space. The women actually prefer men naughty than good even when asked about the choice of men, the standard answer is "I want a boyfriend who can guide me to the right path". Before the sisters, an old lady who read this article do not agree and looking for ideas to make a comment deadly, challenge friends akak-akak all talk out loud, "I'm not interested naughty man!" And ... be careful, do not lie yourself.

Male delinquency trigger naughty fantasies in a woman's mind and interesting images, and this secretion of adrenaline into their bodies causing great excitement. It does not matter whether naughty fantasy in the mind of women is realized by the man or not, the perception exists is more important than reality. It all starts in the mind! Because women love men rich, handsome guy and the next guy naughty.

Perception .. 1:
Mengurat clever and mischievous man not afraid to approach women! Their approach is bolder and if rejected once they cool sake only. At least they dare to tell and the woman already know that they are interested. The other one is up to the owner himself. Brave and cool properties that exist in this naughty man-man tempting! Even if they are actually afraid to approach women, women's perceptions of men naughty is the opposite.

Perception .. 2:
Appointment or dating with naughty man never boring because they know looking for interesting and unusual activities to entertain your girlfriend. That pasallah rockers or those who know how to play the guitar is always the way with a girlfriend. Even if it was just gone to a movie, 'wayang'nya look more attractive than men poyo and good.

Perception .. 3:
Naughty man not desperate. They came from the man who does not panic, no fuss and no act, all delicious medium. The nature of man is so voluptuous women.

Perception .. 4:
Vehicle naughty common man. Where there naughty boys ride mediocre, at best there was a tire rim or do a bit modification. Typical sedan does not apply to such persons. Naughty men never just up the standard motor. Less-less you had to kapcaikan little motor. Then sexy, busty then come on!

Perception .. 5:
Naughty Men often clever play musical instruments and there are two opinions about them that is. First, they know how to use your hands and fingers. Second, they can play with the melody to melt the heart. Women will indeed be weaker with this skill.

Perception .. 6:
Naughty Men often the choice or dream of many women! The nature of women is like making other girls jealous. And when women are able to create their naughty man, jealous of other women to rate more than doubled. The perfect combination!
Perception .. 7:
They are clever style. Generally women love fashionable and if paired with a stylish pair, they will look more stylish. And please go back to the perception of women menbuatkan 6 will be more than happy.

For ataslah reasons why many men want to be rockers although age is the cut and why women terliur with naughty boys! Of course men naughty or bad boys is not an ideal candidate for marriage but the idea of ​​dating a nice guy is boring, let alone to experience it.

So,'m ready to comment companion statement that women are actually more men prefer naughty? Please!


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